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The Liberia Heals Initiative  



    We here at Liberia Heals have observed the impact the upcoming 2017 elections will have on the nation. It is for this reason that we have decided to openly invite all the presidential candidates participating in the elections to have "Palaver Hut" style discussion, to provide them with the perfect opportunity to engage with the Liberian people, both at home, & abroad. Please see the below link to read the full open letter and get more details more details:

Liberian Music Icon Big Steve embraces the Open Letter to Presidential Candidates


Liberians, Lets join this effort to promote Healing for our Nation!!
How will we do it?

4 Part Plan

*** Healing & Reconciling through Arts, Culture, & Entertainment; ***

*** Healing & Reconciling through Workshops, Psycho-social Counseling & Detraumatization; ***

*** Healing & Reconciling with Construction of National Monument Healing Memorial Park; ***

*** Healing & Reconciling by Publishing a Memorial Book of Names Dedicated to Dearly Departed ***

"Sowing Seeds of Forgiveness"

           We would like to welcome you to the official website of The Liberia Heals Initiative! This is our official home on the worldwide web, and the source to keeping you updated on all the latest projects concerning Liberia Heals.  You may have heard about us and the growing movement, and wished to learn more about what we have to offer. Let us put this into context, so that you may better understand our mission and goals, as well as your role in accomplishing them.

           In accordance with the many ventures that Liberians at home and The Diaspora are currently engaging in to fulfill the promise of a great future, we now present to you, The Liberia Heals Initiative.

     Liberia in Retrospect : The Last 35 Years

         For a period of about 30 plus years, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives as the country struggled for direction and stability.  Thousands also fled the nation into exile. Though there have been many disputes about who were financiers, provocateurs, and actual combatants of the warfare that ensued in Liberia, many would agree that anyone who ever held Liberia close to heart, was effected.  Some people were directly impacted via first hand accounts.  Others felt the indirect effects from the pain expressed by loved ones, relatives and friends. Even unborn future generations are surely to be impacted by the Liberian Civil War. The question is will it be a negative or positive influence?  Will we, as a people, learn?  Though Liberia has experienced relative peace and stability during the last several years, there is an undercurrent of ills and frustrations that surely need to be addressed in order to ensure a healthy future. We need to vent. We need to have therapy. We have to learn to love each other again, even those who may have hurt us in the past, but are now willing to make amends.  Yet still, we are not blind to those who exhibit arrogant behavior, as they themselves struggle to cope with the past. Humility is the new way of life for us as a people. We will show each other love and respect, which in turn will give honor and dignity to the lives of our loved ones who have passed on.  May their lives have not been lost in vain. May they give us strength and reason to keep pressing on as one people. As Liberians of today collectively heal, learn, and truly make sense of all the tragic experiences of the past, future generations will have the solid foundation from which to build greater societies.  Societies where respect, love, and truth, join forces with humility and righteousness within the hearts the people. Liberia becomes the true "Land of Liberty" as Liberia Heals.
Let's Heal Liberia Together!

Traditional Chiefs Speaking about Healing Liberia
As The Liberia Heals movement has spread, many people internationally have recognized the value and importance of embracing mental health and detraumatization as it relates to rebuilding Liberia.
Dr. Umar Johnson is one such individual who has observed the potential of this venture. As a professional psychologist and motivational speaker originally from Philadelphia, PA, USA, he has grown fond of the Liberia Heals Initiative and encourages others to assist as well..
 Dr. Umar Speaks about the Importance of Healing in LiberiaTxKVYN8eHSA


   Liberia Heals in Minnesota: What does the Youth have to say?                                          vU4glw_--I0

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